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Welcome to Canine Genetic Reserve

We are privately owned in Fort Collins, Colorado - Internationally Operated

Canine Genetic Reserve is a privately owned, internationally operated canine frozen semen bank for AKC, UKC, CKC and International Breeds. CGR was started in 2003 and AKC certified the same year by Dr Heather Steyn. The technique used for frozen semen at CGR is the originally researched and formulated method by Dr Seager in the 1960's. We use a pelleted technique that produces very high quality frozen semen and is easy for any veterinarian to handle for insemination. CGR will work with your veterinarian to guide them on the expertise of ovulation timing and artificial insemination to ensure your success with the latest technology available! Entrust us with your valuable genetics, we understand the importance of your breeding program.

As a reproduction veterinarian, as well as a Best in Show breeder myself, I believe we have the level of knowledge, commitment, and experience to help make your breeding program a success.

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Canine Genetic Reserve
1530 Riverside Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone: 970-493-3333
Fax: 970-315-3545
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